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Today we are joined by Megan the creator and owner of Intentional Spaces based in the Blue Mountains NSW.  As a fellow Professional Organiser Megan offers a gentle, practical and sustainable approach to organising your life.  Her focus is on identifying what is important, eliminating the unnecessary and creating customised systems to simplify how you function. Megan's heart is for helping people remove the things that drain them of energy and make way for their lives to speak of their individual truth, beauty and brilliance.

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We love her INTENTIONAL business premise which is delightfully woven into the very fabric of her services. Today she joins us to write about the benefits of shopping local.

December has arrived, for me this is when the planning really ramps up.  So today I am sharing with you the 4 main reasons I am going back to paper planning. First let me describe what I mean by planning.  Planning to me is not just a diary entry in a calendar of an appointment or event, to me planning is all about the W’s.  That is the who, what, why, when and where that goes along with any event you might schedule.  There are gifts to plan, parties and catering to plan for and all kinds of extracurricular events to remember what to take, what to prepare and even more so at this time of year. 20141201 w w w w h

For some of you, gift Christmas exchanges may have already started.  If you were one of the lucky ones you may have received something that needed to be assembled with instructions you might need to keep (love an Allen key challenge). Or maybe your gift had a warranty or manual?  You will have not only the wrapping and boxes to deal with (read more about that in our post Mt Giftwrap), you will also have some paperwork to file. Don't let your instruction manuals or warranties get lost in the wrappings this Christmas. You will get something new (Santa told me you have been good) so use this simple guide to ensure you have paperwork to reference when you need it!

20141124 Manuals Frame by Frame title

As you know we love seeing you UTILISE & ENJOY your photos and Christmas is one of the perfect times to put your photos to good use. It has become easier and easier to create personalised photo Christmas cards with endless suppliers ranging in design, style and price. This is an image heavy post chock full of ideas: including real life examples of my personal cards as well as 'pinsipration' for families, couples, kids and babies to inspire you*