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I used to hate the standard socialising question "so, what do you do?" I hated that people might define me by the work I did and they would 'put me in a box' based on my profession.  I also felt it was a lazy question given that it was likely they didn't really care what I did and also I felt there was a lot more interesting things about me above and beyond what I did every day at work. Now days attending lots of business networking events, it is the primary question I hear and I love to answer it.  One thing that always piques people's interest is telling them I am in the Storytelling Business and Australia's First Certified Photo Organiser. APPO Certified

If you were to ask yourself what would the majority of people's favourite photos be?  Weddings?  Babies? We would agree.  We also believe that most often their favourite would be the ones taken by professionals. For those that haven't been married or had children there are still plenty of opportunities to have professional photos in your life.  With websites and social media it is important to have great profile images.  Family portraits with your siblings are firm favourites with parents and grandparents and then there is my other favourite photos, PETS!  We think that at some point in your life everyone should have some amazing professional images taken. Today we (TFF) are asking Mandy from Bless this Photography (BTP) some questions about how to prepare for a professional photo shoot for you and your PET.

20150225 Forgotten gen cartoon I have often said that I am of the luckiest generation. I am old enough to remember BEFORE digital technology (and the internet) but young enough to have been able to adapt and embrace it. You could say that is why I am an advocate of old school methods as well as new technology like Forever.com. Call me old fashioned but in my personal (and professional) opinion the dead set easiest way to back up your photos is to

Do you remember the R's I wrote about? Well our fantastic photobook from Momento arrived a few weeks ago (the one I did the beta testing for their new DISNEY software which by the way is now live and available to the public.  I highly recommend you check it out.) Well it is here and the kids ADORE IT! We have been ‘reading’ it every night since it arrived and I having been quietly patting myself on the back and remembering Doctor G’s thoughts on respect, responsibility and resilience. I thought you would be interested in a few examples from the book and my thoughts on the stories and learnings they are demonstrating. I have definitely being ‘telling’ the stories using different words than I would have before hearing Doc G’s presentation.