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Before we broke for school holidays I found a pretty pink envelope in Gabi's communication pouch at pre school, to me that meant just one thing....PARTY TIME! I thought I would take the opportunity to show you how having a physical system (our action station) set up that my behavioural systems came quickly and easily into operation. A picture tells a thousand words...so here are '5000 words' that tell the story of how I handled a new party invitation immediately (so I wouldn't forget).

A solicitor, a real estate agent and a professional organiser walked into a bar… I was recently a guest at a business networking event (BNI for those of you that might be familiar with how they operate) and in his 60 seconds a solicitor in the group delivered an introduction that struck a chord with me. He simply said:  “there are 3 documents EVERYONE should have. 

Do all those end of financial year sales (EOFYS) jingles on TV make your blood run cold because it reminds you of all the paperwork you have to get through to prepare for your tax return? Well switch that jingle playing in your head to one of my favourite 80’s bands Roxette and come along for the ‘joyride’ as I introduce you to our DRESS for success FileOsophy.

Following on from last week’s topic, this week and probably for a few after that we will be presenting to you a number of SOLUTIONS that can be implemented to help give you peace of mind and feel better about that dreaded ‘WHAT IF…’ scenario. Before we move onto the detailed things, let’s start with the everyday stuff. As I said last week I don’t claim to be a psychiatrist or child psychologist but I imagine keeping daily routines simple and familiar in these circumstances would be beneficial, especially to children. Being organised enough that in your absence someone else could maintain routines in a consistent way could make a huge difference. Taking comfort that an overdue electricity bill won’t surprise you or if it did that you could quickly deal with it. Our favourite solution allows you to organise, utilise and enjoy. 

Morbid thought isn’t it? Imagine you died. A large part of our business inspiration was to help people. In this case we want to help them avoid the heartache that disorganisation can cause in the case of an emergency or accident. I want to share a story with you. In September last year my friend Kristine lost her brother Jeff in a tragic paragliding accident. Today, with her permission and blessing I want to share the heart-breaking aftermath of such a tragedy.

Image I have heard three stories recently of friends losing their data and images from their computers - the computer ‘dies’ and all those precious files and photos are no longer readily accessible. Most of us can relate and have had some terrifying technical glitch happen to us at some stage. With today’s technology I would hope that most of you would have at least one reliable back up of your valuable data – either on another hard drive or saved to cloud storage. But it is amazing how many people don’t have any external storage or who haven’t backed up their data for really long periods of time. Here is one of those recent stories that a friend shared with me only last week: