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Can you guess the top 3 things we hear when we tell people more about our services and what we do? "What a great idea...
  1. "I've been meaning to sort out my photos for months/years/ every school holidays etc"

  2. "I wish I had time to get it done"

  3. "I bought a scanner last year and only did one album"

I can name 2 friends who have bought scanners with intentions of scanning in old images, and they are just the ones I know about.

toy-room-before-organisation-3 Like many of my Professional Organiser (PO) colleagues sometimes when I tell people I meet that I'm a PO, they immediately jump to the conclusion that I am a neat nazi.  Yes, I think in an organised fashion and am always on time but no one could call me a neat nazi.  If you were to pay a surprise visit to me you would find breakfast dishes on the sink and dirty coffee cups in my office. People should remember that neat and organised are two very different things.

Jo Hello, my name is Jo or Filing Fairy #2. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, Girl Guide leader, volunteer and a perfectionist. Always have been. I am sure my family and friends think I am OCD in the way I  constantly clean, tidy, sort, throw or file everything. From a young age if something wasn’t where my parents had left it, they would ask ‘Joanne, where did you put…?’ as I was always putting away and throwing out. I was blamed for things going missing, as they would assume I had thrown it out! My cousins would taunt me about my bedroom being so ordered and tidy, that they would sneak in while I was out and move things around just to annoy me.


One day I was doing some regular housework and I unpacked the dishwasher… having been interrupted by one of the kids (as is often the case) I went back to the task at hand less than 5 minutes later as I believed that I had not yet put away the cutlery.  I was bewildered to see that I had already done it!