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You would all be familiar with our tag line ORGANISE > UTILISE > ENJOY and you regularly hear us telling you to get those photos OFF your phone or hard drive.  Take advantage of the upcoming end of year sales and consider making a photobook.  Perhaps you could schedule some time over the holidays to work on one with the kids?  My two love helping to pick photos for books.

Who has experienced this before?  How frustrating is it?  Of course by the time you have deleted some photos to make room for more, the moment you were trying to capture has passed. As you know we live by the motto - organise ~ utilise ~ enjoy and today we are exploring some of the benefits of having your photo life organised.

Recently a lovely client of ours suggested that we should write a blog and remind you all to be careful that you don't fall into the trap of over zealous deleting.  As you would know we are all for having a nice manageable sized photo collection by ongoing maintenance (including deleting) but today we want to talk about why we think Wendy was right... so step away from the delete button.

The sun is out, term 3 school holidays have been and gone and the silly season is just around the corner.  You are marvelling at how the year is flying and how cute (and big) the kids look in swimming gear and summer clothes.   I know that I am soon to be marvelling at my Miss 4 off to Big School Orientation! Of course this highly likely means that you, like me, have been becoming increasingly snap happy taking photos on various devices. Today we wanted to give you 10 tips to help avoid those photos stacking up as the year sprints to an end.