Fairytales – The Blog

Hello, my name is Jo or Filing Fairy #2. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, Girl Guide leader, volunteer and a perfectionist. Always have been. I am sure my family and friends think I am OCD in the way I  constantly clean, tidy, sort, throw or file everything. From a young age if something wasn’t where my parents had left it, they would ask ‘Joanne, where did you put…?’ as I was always putting away and throwing out. I was blamed for things going missing, as they would assume I had thrown it out! My cousins would taunt me about my bedroom being so ordered and tidy, that they would sneak in while I was out and move things around just to annoy me.

All the books, blogs and boomers tell me that you lovely people out there in cyberspace would like to know us better, so that you can trust us before you will consider our insights and tips as expert in our field.  We both like to do as we are told so over the coming weeks we will toe the line and introduce ourselves properly. Hi, I am Mara