About Us

The Filing Fairies is a partnership between friends Mara Morrison and Jo Myers, who met working for an event management company.  It was there that they discovered their shared passion for order, lists and getting things done.

Peace of Mind

It can be a little unnerving to ask a stranger into your house and let them go through your entire photo history or in some cases to hand it over to us to take offsite. Rest assured you can trust us, here is why;

  • We are certified a members of The Photo Managers
  • We provide a white glove service
  • We back up your project as we are working on it
  • We both have a current police check and working with children check (NSW)
  • Your privacy is important to us. We do not discuss our projects with anyone or use aspects of our work together in any way that might identify you, unless you give your express permission for us to do so
  • Read what people are saying about us here.


My love of photos and preserving my family history through photos started at a young age, when I voluntarily sorted and organised shoe boxes of my parents photos into albums. Following this I was the family member responsible for scanning old photographs and slides and creating slideshows for milestone Birthdays and celebrations.

Before starting The Filing Fairies with Mara, I completed a Bachelor of Business Administration (majoring in Event Management) followed by an 11 year career as an Event Manager organising corporate, sporting and charity events, where I was able to utilise my love of organising (and list making!).

Combining my love of organising and perfectionism with preserving precious memories as a Photo Organiser is my ideal occupation. I gain satisfaction from creating order in my life and those of others, so that we all have more time to enjoy the simple things in life, which for me is spending time with my family.


The 1994 Sydney Bush Fires was one of the first times I truly recognised how important it was to protect my family photos.  I remember being asked by an equally terrified young police officer to evacuate the area. I was 20yrs young, home alone and my first thought after rescuing the cat from under the bed was ‘THE PHOTOS’ and I proceeded to rush madly about collecting numerous heavy albums to put in the car. Today with technologies (not available back in the 90’s) at my disposal I am privileged with the opportunity to help people modernise, organise and protect their photo collections so that they can readily preserve their family story.

Organising is something I have always loved.  It is the way I think.  It is who I am. I organise the pegs on the washing line and was even heckled during a speech at my own wedding because I gave the bridal party a run sheet and check list.  With 20 years’ experience in various roles where I organised people as a PA, data as a data administrator and eventually events (where I met Jo) as an event manager, I realised my organising skills together with a passion for family history and photos could become a rewarding business venture.

Recently someone told me they were envious of my vocation because I got to search for buried treasure all day.  Just like a Pirate, I love to dig for treasure. In my case the treasures are precious photo memories (often long lost) and the sand is a digital disaster zone or a dusty old shoe box.

With my Scottish Irish heritage I love a good yarn and I always enjoy teaching one on one and presenting to small groups. It is with great satisfaction and pleasure that through The Filing Fairies I share our knowledge and skills and help people to learn effective ways to navigate and maintain their most cherished memories – their photos!