Below are some of our partners, who may be able to assist you in your journey to get your life and your photos and short videos organised, utilised and enjoyed!

Momento – Friends of the Fairies get 20% off with our favourite premium quality photo book provider, with great service, owned and made in Australia. Enter code FAIRY at checkout to redeem offer

Organizing Photos with Adobe Bridge – If you want a straightforward way to search photo collection, you need to have a simple process to use.  Adobe Bridge is free software that allows you to apply metadata to your photos so that you can bring an end to tedious browsing and start searching your photos with ease.

DPO Pro – DPO Pro is the perfect alternative to our face to face coaching sessions. This self-paced eCourse delivered by our APPO Certified partner Caroline Gunter includes 10 different video modules taking you from a state of digital chaos to an organised, backed up, and streamlined photo collection. The course is mobile-friendly, and with short, actionable videos, you can learn at your own pace! Sign up for an exclusive deal on the Ultimate Photo Organising Masterclass

The Art of Decluttering – We know that many of you are organising your photos as part of a bigger project of decluttering your entire home.  We recommend that you build up your decluttering muscles with Amy & Kristy from The Art of Decluttering so that you are ‘declutter fit’ and ready to tackle your photos with us.  Check out this online course and transform your home and your life!

Photography Concentrate – the founders of this photography resource wrote a great eBook titled ‘Back up or Die‘. ‘You will lose your photos some day – make sure they’re not gone forever. Create your perfect backup system the simple way – and save money with this fairytale eBook’.

These are affiliate partners, which means if you purchase using these links we get some play money, enough for cake with our coffee (not a pony) and with no extra cost to youThank you so much to everyone who purchases through our links, we  really appreciate it.