Dealing with prints, negatives and slides

Are your photos stashed in dusty old boxes?
Do you have images deteriorating in acidic albums or frames?
Do you have slides or negatives you can no longer view?

Our services include:

  • Sort printed photos and place in suitable storage products
  • Convert prints to digital images
  • Convert negatives to digital images
  • Convert slides to digital images
  • Convert other various outdated media to digital
  • Photo restoration
  • Learn the ABC’s of organising your photo collection
  • Information about products and resources to help you organise, utilise and enjoy your precious photos.

Getting started on your photo organising journey is easy, just email or call us to book in for a no

 obligations 15-minute assessment. Our initial conversation will give us a sense your current situation, your desired outcomes and help determine if we are the right fit for your project. It’s important that you feel comfortable working with us and that we are all working towards a common goal.