Creative ways to use your photos

Would you love to see your photos on display in your home?Lauren & David Wedding photobook (1) - low res
Does giving photos as gifts appeal to you?
Are you perplexed by photo sharing?

We can help you to:

  • Print digital images
  • Create photo albums
  • Create photo books
  • Create image slideshows
  • Share photos online
  • Learn to create simple slideshows using your existing software
  • Get the inside scoop on photo gift providers and suppliers – photo books, canvases etc
  • Get an insight into how various photo book software works and how easy it can be to use
  • Take home a list of our favourite design and theme ideas.

Getting started on your photo organising journey is easy, just email or call us to book in for a no obligations 15-minute assessment. Our initial conversation will give us a sense your current situation, your desired outcomes and help determine if we are the right fit for your project. It’s important that you feel comfortable working with us and that we’re all working towards a common goal.


How it works

  1. LET’S TALK: We talk about the theme of the book and discuss style preferences and any requirements you might have.  We recommend you jump online and look at some samples to see what appeals to you most
  2. SIZE MATTERS: You decide on the size photo book you want, cover and paper type.  We have preferred printers with discounts available but work with a range of suppliers to suit your budget.
  3. QUOTE: Once you give us an idea of the size etc that you would like we send you a customised quote based on your choices
  4. DEPOSIT: If you choose to proceed we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to start creating your photo book. More details will be sent to you once you contact us via email to get started.
  5. IMAGE FILES: Send us the photo files you want to use (share via Dropbox, post on USB or CD’s) the higher resolution the better (please note: social media files will not be large enough format for quality printing)
    • If you chose a printed cover be sure to identify the cover image within your files
    • Let us know your book title
    • The 1st page: If you would like to add text to a photo or maybe at the start of the photo book, you can send us what you would like to add.
    • Photos will be placed in book in chronological order based on file metadata provided, unless otherwise requested and arranged
  6. FIRST PROOF: We send you a 5 page proof supplied before completion of entire book.  We encourage feedback and are happy to make any changes to the photo book so you are completely happy with our intended design.
  7. FULL PROOF: Once we are done we provide a full proof for your review
  8. REVISIONS: We then complete one set of basic revisions* (further revisions at additional cost)
  9. FINAL PROOF: Final proof supplied before sending book design to print.

Please allow a minimum of 10 business days to create your photo book, plus another 14 business days for printing and delivery.  During peak periods we may require longer for design, please allow plenty of time.

Now you can share your story with friends and family and keep the memories alive with your beautiful, personal, high quality photo book!

Start the process today and email us now!


We understand that revisions and changes may be required and we are happy to work with you to achieve your dream design.  Basic edits are included in your base quote.  Major edits will be charged accordingly per hour.

What is a basic edit?

As a general rule, these are edits that don’t require a page or pages to be redesigned. Some examples of basic edits;

  • Switch one image for another (maintaining position and format)
  • Resizing an image
  • Removing or adding a border/frame
  • Change of background colour
  • Change to captions or words
  • Change of font, size or colour

What is a major edit?

Major edits, for the most part, include redesigning a page or pages. It is possible for a redesign to be as much work —perhaps even more—than an initial design.

When a page or a group of pages have photos added or other major changes, it amounts to a redesign of the page and perhaps the pages surrounding it. This is especially so if the group of pages is telling one part of a story and those pages need to stay together to maintain continuity. This would be a major edit. Deleting a photo so that it causes a blank space and the page needs to be rearranged, would also usually be a major edit.