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Welcome back, are you ready to get your dancing shoes on and learn more about our Digital Photo Filing technique we nicknamed The Moonwalk to get your digital photos organised? If you missed the introduction and the first step of how to MOON walk you can read that post here. Once you have completed the first step - MUSTER - you can dust yourself off and settle in for a session of ORGANISING.

20131227 Mount Giftwrap We are home, hot and dusty from our Merry Mudgee Christmas; I hope that Santa was kind to you all. Did anyone get great gifts?  I would love to hear about your favourites!  If you remember our last post I love hearing this stuff so I can note down ideas for future gifts. How was the mess? Are you covered in Mt Giftwrap?  This post has a few simple ideas of how to deal with all the extra rubbish we seem to accumulate over the holidays.

Yes you read that right it says 2014!I can hear you all thinking “wait a minute Christmas 2014?! It’s not even Christmas 2013!  Don’t worry we are not crazy, just helpfully organised.I wanted to share my personal favourite tip to an organised hassle free way to shop for Christmas gifts.

20131213-Fairytales-School-Holiday-Sanity-Savers-titleimage With most schools closing for the holidays this week we thought we would share not 5 but 10 School Holiday Sanity Saving ideas from Pinterest because we need all the help we can get with the kids sometimes!!! There are hundreds nee thousands of pins on this subject, these are just some of our favourites.

Xmas balloons Stuff. Most of us simply have too much of it. We’re all aware of that. It's that time of year again . . . when millions of dollars are spent on items that the recipients simply don't want.  Unwanted gifts often end up cluttering up homes for years to come and sadly will eventually end up in landfill. But with relatives and kids and dear friends in need of thanks… how can you get through Christmas without buying small mountains of not-really-needed things?