Why Professional Organising?

Why Professional Organising?


One day I was doing some regular housework and I unpacked the dishwasher… having been interrupted by one of the kids (as is often the case) I went back to the task at hand less than 5 minutes later as I believed that I had not yet put away the cutlery.  I was bewildered to see that I had already done it!

Now many of you are probably thinking baby brain or early onset dementia, but I saw it in a different way.  The system of putting that cutlery away having been the same in every house I had ever lived in, the process of doing it had become so automated, intrinsic and EASY that I forgot it did it.  Now regardless if you are a spoon, fork, knife person OR a fork, knife, spoon person like my mother in law you can see the point I am making.

A simple process followed regularly = no brainer!  The entrepreneurial seizure took over and The Filing Fairies were born.  I wanted to make some of those common problem areas like office paperwork and photo memorabilia as easy as unpacking the dishwasher, by creating some simple systems that people could implement and use.

Have you ever had a light bulb moment?  I had another one (that my husband calls an ‘epiphany’) when I finally decided to go out with him 🙂 please share yours with us, we loving hearing from you.  Don’t forget to pop over and like us on Facebook for fun organising tips.



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