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Morbid thought isn’t it? Imagine you died. A large part of our business inspiration was to help people. In this case we want to help them avoid the heartache that disorganisation can cause in the case of an emergency or accident. I want to share a story with you. In September last year my friend Kristine lost her brother Jeff in a tragic paragliding accident. Today, with her permission and blessing I want to share the heart-breaking aftermath of such a tragedy.

I have heard three stories recently of friends losing their data and images from their computers - the computer ‘dies’ and all those precious files and photos are no longer readily accessible. Most of us can relate and have had some terrifying technical glitch happen to us at some stage. With today’s technology I would hope that most of you would have at least one reliable back up of your valuable data – either on another hard drive or saved to cloud storage. But it is amazing how many people don’t have any external storage or who haven’t backed up their data for really long periods of time. Here is one of those recent stories that a friend shared with me only last week:

Wondering what to buy your mum this Mother's Day?

BAD news is that it's too late to create and print a photobook for your mum - for those that missed it here are our 5 reasons why mums love photo books

GOOD news is that you still have just over a week to get organised, shop or to create a great gift for your mum (Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday in May this year it is May 11th). Get organised and inspired by visiting our Perfect Pressies board on Pinterest, there is a fun wine glass idea that really made me giggle.

Do you want to create a unique special gift but need inspiration? Today we are talking about the thing we believe that can transform an ordinary photobook into a great one - and that is the A to Z THEME! It can take the pain out of choosing between favourite images and it guides you and almost helps select images for you. We also think A to Z theme books are more fun to look at.  

We have been talking about getting your photos organised so that you can enjoy them and we have also been talking about one of our favourite ways to enjoy photos – in photo books.  For those new subscribers who have joined us for our first birthday competition you may have missed those posts... you can read about them by clicking the links below; Digital Photo Organising FileOsophy Who is the best photo book supplier? I made my first photo book over 6 years ago just after I got married.  Our fantastic photographer Grant from Perfect Images Photography had kindly provided me with a CD of fabulous shots and as such I was able to create a beautiful keepsake of our magical day.

In just five days The Filing Fairies turn 1, ‘ONE’ wow what a milestone for us or for any new business. Obviously given the area of organising that we specialise in, I thought the best way to reflect on our year would be for a photo montage (a la recent Facebook movies) ….and here it is 1yr in 1minute. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mB_goDxI6g