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Not surprisingly there are a lot of P's in our big list of photo apps.  So let's get right into it. [caption id="attachment_2309" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Photo-Organising-Apps The big list of Photo Organising Apps[/caption] Path - available on iTunes, Windows and Android The pitch - Simple Ad free social.  Smart private messaging Pear - available on iTunes The pitch - Private photo & video sharing like you've never experienced before Peekaboo Moments - available on iTunes and Android The pitch - Your magic baby journal

As I started to think about the letters we will be covering in our big list of apps today, I was reminded of a very cute way my soon to be 5 year old daughter used to sing the alphabet song.  A B C D E F G H I Jacob L M N O P merging the J and K into her brothers name.  You might need to sing to get the idea, still very cute. I Jacob L M N O We will be approaching the halfway point today, if you missed the others you can see A to C here and D to H here

Today we continue our journey through our big list of organising and sharing apps. Working our way from D to H [caption id="attachment_2309" align="alignnone" width="1559"]Photo-Organising-Apps The big list of Photo Organising Apps[/caption] Day One - available on iTunes and Android The pitch - Capture life as you live it.  Never miss a moment with Day One's simple elegant interface. Deviant Art - available on iTunes, Windows and Android The pitch - The worlds largest art gallery in your hand

The big list of Photo Organising Apps Last year I sat down to collate a list of all the different apps and software that is available to 'help' with sharing, organising and protecting your photos. This was a WAY bigger task than anticipated, 120 and still counting! From automatic uploads and downloads to event sharing catering specifically to parents or weddings this list is full of options for all walks of life.  We will tell you what we think of it all when we reach Z! We have decided to split it up into manageable chunks working through A to Z.

You would all be familiar with our tag line ORGANISE > UTILISE > ENJOY and you regularly hear us telling you to get those photos OFF your phone or hard drive.  Take advantage of the upcoming end of year sales and consider making a photobook.  Perhaps you could schedule some time over the holidays to work on one with the kids?  My two love helping to pick photos for books.