Something everyone should try at least once

Something everyone should try at least once

If you were to ask yourself what would the majority of people’s favourite photos be?  Weddings?  Babies?

We would agree.  We also believe that most often their favourite would be the ones taken by professionals.

For those that haven’t been married or had children there are still plenty of opportunities to have professional photos in your life.  With websites and social media it is important to have great profile images.  Family portraits with your siblings are firm favourites with parents and grandparents and then there is my other favourite photos, PETS!  We think that at some point in your life everyone should have some amazing professional images taken.

Today we (TFF) are asking Mandy from Bless this Photography (BTP) some questions about how to prepare for a professional photo shoot for you and your PET.

TFF:  My dogs are not very obedient, how would you be able to control them in order to get a good photo?

BTP: Just relax and go with the flow. No need to stress on how your pets will behave, I’ve seen it all and I just love to capture the unscripted!

I think, if you are having fun with your pet and enjoying the moment, the great shots will come. I usually spend a bit of time before the shoot, just getting to know you and your pet and having them calm a little.

I recently did a shoot with three very hyper gorgeous Goldies. As soon as I rang the door bell, they were ready to bowl me over! Being calm is the key. Not too much interaction and I definitely have to wear my old clothes! I’ve had dribble, mud, hair and torn shirts photographing your beautiful pets. I’ve also had a few war wounds from climbing fences and removed a few leeches and ticks in my time! Wouldn’t change a thing.

TFF: Should I get them clipped and bathed before our shoot?

BTT: Its totally up to your individual preference. Seeing dogs having a great time in the ocean or rolling in the mud, drooling all over the place can really capture the essence and spirit of your family pet!

However, if you prefer to have them groomed and looking pretty, then that’s perfect too.

I did a photo shoot with a gorgeous girl and her stunning horse ‘Sterl’. We had to wait nearly five months for him to lose his fluffy winter coat, but it was well worth the wait. He looked sleek and stunning in the end!

TFF:  My dogs are easily distracted by other people or dogs, where can we go that is pretty but unpopulated for the shoot?

 BTP: Generally dog parks are pretty distracting, so I do like to shoot in the clients home. If the client has a favourite spot, I’m more than happy to shoot there too. Shooting at the beach in the late afternoon when people aren’t around is also perfect and the light is just sensational at that time of day.  I will go where your pets love to go! I know they are your life and a big part of your family, I’m happy to accommodate your needs.

TFF:  How many photos do I get after the shoot?

BTP: I have two packages available : One package is 10 edited digital images and the other is 20 – 30 edited digital images.

TFF: Will they be on DVD or USB…?

BTP: This all depends on my client, I’m happy to pop their edited photos onto a disk, USB or use Dropbox.

TFF:  How many photos on your smart phone right now?

 BTP: At this very moment approximately 300….. not as many as most people but I just backed up my phone and had to delete loads of images! I am running out of storage.. eeek so frustrating!

TFF:  How often do you back up your own personal photo collection?

BTP: I back up ALL the time! I’m terrified of losing all my images. Its so important!! So many people have hundreds of photos spanning months and months, sometimes years on there phone, then all of a sudden it gets lost or damaged and all your images and memories are gone!  We are so busy that we don’t print and do albums any more.  Go and back up people!

So as you can see even when a photo shoot could be involving crazy labradoodles like mine a professional like Mandy has got everything covered.  Bless This Photography is based in the Sutherland Shire, be sure to visit Mandy’s gorgeous gallery and visit her on Facebook.

We would also like to thank Jodi who agreed to let us share her pooch family photos.  Jodi is a gorgeous person who rescues Golden Retrievers. Buddy her first pup was purchased through a pet store and has had many operations for hereditary ailments. Penny is her little pup, she has undergone 3 operations this year alone and Ellie is a 14 year old senior who Jodi choose to look after for her twilight years as she was living at Golden Retriever Rescue with many other Goldie’s and just needed to chill out on the lounge every day in the sun…

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