Love, fear and guilt

Love, fear and guilt

Emotions like love, fear and guilt can be powerful and overwhelming at times.

Have you ever heard your mum make any of these statements?

  • I love looking at your photos on your phone when you show them to me, why don’t you ever print them out for me?
  • I am afraid that all those photos on your computer will get ‘lost in the clouds’, how do I get to see them?
  • I worry that I will die before I have told you who all the old relatives are in my photos and then you won’t be able to identify anyone in my photos.

Perhaps you have made these statements yourself or had thoughts along these lines?

As we are speeding towards mother’s day we want to help share the love, diminish the fears and alleviate the guilt through our photo organising services.As photo organisers we hear these kinds of things all the time and we want to help!

  • We can help you share the love by creating displays and photo books
  • We can diminish your fears by educating you on simple back up methods
  • We can alleviate the guilt by helping you tell your stories.

Why not give your mum a Filing Fairies Gift Voucher, just give us a call – we can customise one for you Mention this post and as a special thank you any mum we complete a photo organising project for in MAY will receive 100 free scans (conditions apply).

Have a magical day Mara

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