Routines: a drinking game??

Routines: a drinking game??

School is back! Cue HAPPY DANCE!

ed:  I have just read this back and realised that this post could be a drinking game (so I changed the title to get your attention, did it work?):  one sip every time I say routine! (please drink responsibly)

Here are a few things we love about routines:

  • Routines mean I have less to remember, because things become ROUTINE.  e.g. I know Mon = Library, Tues = Assembly, Wed = swimming, etc and they help save time
  • Routines mean we don’t drown in the details
  • Simple routines empower the kids with some small responsibilities and are easy for them to follow e.g. get up, toilet, breakfast, dressed, hair, teeth, bags etc

At our place we have some family routines that help simplify and streamline our lives.  I briefly touched on the morning routine above; another of my favourite routines is ‘Fun Food Friday’ – it means we eat take away or similar in front of the TV.  This takes away the pain of the kids hassling us to eat in front of the TV other days because they know the… (say it with me) routine!

Then there are the practical routines that I practice like monthly filing, weekly diary and meal planning and monthly photo organising.  Read about my monthly MOON Walk routine here.

For those following our social media sites you might have stumbled on this image.

You may or may not be conscious of the things your family does routinely in certain months.  Those routines weave the story of your everyday life and you may be surprised how that changes (or doesn’t change) year after year.  Routines often develop into rich traditions and are fabulous to document via photos and look back on over time.  Similar it is interesting to see how your day to day routines change over time.

This year we are encouraging you to be aware of your routines and be intentional with the photos you take, have clear ideas and plan ahead. Below are our top 5 suggestions of photos to take in February. Be purposeful and then (I’m going to say it again) ROUTINELY delete the clutter.

What is your favourite time saving routine?  Please join us in February and remember to share with us using the hashtags #tfffivephotos #thefilingfairies #organiseutiliseenjoy

Have a magical day