25 last minute gift ideas

25 last minute gift ideas

If you are scratching your head for ideas in these last few days check out these last minute gifts…I love 4, 10 and 18 is my favourite!

ONE:  I found this sweet baking kit on an Easter post of all places but change the theme and hey presto Christmas Cookie Cooking Kit

TWO:  You all know how much I love a play on words….couldn’t go past REINBEER!

THREE:  The kids would have fun with this one: some simple poses from the kids, camera, printer, laminator, hole punch, string and you are done

FOUR:  This calendar is classy and simple:  we have even created a template for you to use (visit our For You page to download), just print each month and add your photos.  I love the idea of framing the current month.

FIVE:  Peppermint bark is simple to make and delicious as well.  Here is a link to 3 variations of Christmas Crack.

SIX:  Cash or vouchers are always on someone’s list.  This creative way to dish it up made me laugh out loud, although our crazy coloured currency might make it look odd.

SEVEN:  Confetti cash is prettier and much less of a tease.

EIGHT:  I love gifts in a jar!  This one is Ginger bread mix complete with cookie cutter

NINE:  Most people have a printer right?  Then this one is a total budget buddy.  Just add in all the relevant dates and you have a lovely family wall print!

TEN:  There are tons of finger print art suggestions on Pinterest but this is by far my favourite, combining a photo and fingerprints.

ELEVEN:  Another great jar idea, this one would be great for the neighbours.

TWELVE:  This one is all about presentation and colour coordination.  Try your local Big W or Target for a lovely festive selection.

THIRTEEN:  A little bit more than last minute unless you can find the perfect size tray, but still what an awesome idea!

FOURTEEN:  Who doesn’t love lollipops?  Even if you had a Grinch in the family you could always label a bunch of these “Christmas Sucks”

FIFTEEN:  The poem that goes along with this is great for a laugh.  Along the lines of last years snowman poop.

SIXTEEN:  For someone’s Mistletoes – told you I love jar gifts!

SEVENTEEN:  How adorable are these Oreo elf feet!

EIGHTEEN:  Did you guess this one is my FAVOURITE!  Give someone a photo booth in a box, a great gift to give at a family party (click image for all the details)

NINETEEN:  White chocolate popcorn: yes please!

TWENTY:  A basket of ingredients for ROOT DEER FLOATS….tee hee hee

TWENTY ONE: Hit your local Vinnies for some old scrabble games and make up a simple artwork.  Or click the image for DIY instructions.

TWENTY TWO:  Slime you say?  As a gift you say?  Well it certainly is unique and useful!

TWENTY THREE:  Cute and clever way of presenting your traditional gift of soap.

TWENTY FOUR:  These cute little Santa Hats have a little kick just for the grown ups

TWENTY FIVE:  Last but not least an alcohol gift with a twist.  I did candy cane vodka for a neighbour last year and it went down a treat.

Enjoy these last few days before the big fella arrives.  We have scheduled a few posts to publish automatically while we are on holidays so we hope you enjoy our 2015 Bucket List next week.

Have a magical Christmas


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