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I follow a number of photographers on Instagram and there is a theme with the content of the photos. They are all in essence very REAL  - they most certainly are very beautiful, being taken artfully by amazing creatives but the images are also very raw and real. On the flip side I do also love a good staged flat lay... funny isn't it what appeals to different aspects of our personality.  I think the real raw ones appeal to the mum in me and the flat lay's to the organised business woman. Today I am sharing some of my favourite real Instagram profiles

Recently we took the kids to an event called Obstacool as a family fun day out.  Given it had been raining solidly for over a week I knew it was going to be a very muddy affair.  With this in mind I decided to take our point and shoot camera (with a wrist strap) instead of juggling my phone for photos.  If I am honest with myself I didn’t want to put my phone at risk of damage and determined that the camera could take one for the team if damages were to occur.