A Special Event Photo Book RECIPE

A Special Event Photo Book RECIPE

Have you ever catered for a party or prepared a special event cake?  It seems overwhelming but with some forethought and planning you can get everyone fed and watered by the end of the event or produce an awesome cake!

Have you ever wondered why some party hosts are relaxed as they greet you at the door and others are frazzled?

The key ingredient to any successful project (or recipe) is in the planning and preparation!

Let’s use the special event cake analogy and see how we can apply those familiar steps to creating a photo book:

  1. First you choose the design. I fondly recall spending hours poring over the Women’s Weekly Cake book to choose my birthday cake each year!
  2. Then you go check the cupboards to see what you already have by way of ingredients
  3. Next you write a shopping list of ingredients you are missing and will need to buy
  4. Hit the shops
  5. You might then allocate some time in your diary to spend baking
  6. On the baking day you get out all your pots and spoons, ready to mix, stir, blend and bake
  7. You preheat the oven and get mixing
  8. Sit back with a cuppa until the oven timer goes off (and so on through the decorating stage).

Or if you are like me you order from Bel-lissima Cakes (I don’t do baking and the kids love the photo print icing so they can eat their heads!)

Now compare that to the preparation you need to do when making a special event photo book.

Now I’ll be honest here and say the following might be an eye opener and a little confronting for some. Lack of organisation and preparation is why many people never get around to making a photo book.




Choose a design Searching Pinterest for inspiration then choosing a shape and size for your book, read more on sizes and shapes here 
Checking the cupboards Go to the relevant area of a Digital Photo Hub and review images at hand Find the photos you need for the book (hmmm where are they)
Write a shopping list Select the photos you want to include in your book and copy them to a project folder.  Note the story elements you want to accompany your photos Recognise there are photos you will want to include and you’re not sure what device they might be, note down some ideas where you might go looking or use our treasure hunt list
Hit the shops Talk to friends and family to source extra photos.  Review journal and spend some time assembling notes for juicy narrative captions Search various devices to find those photos on your list (how many devices are your photos spread across?)
Diary reminder Allocate some time to get stuck into additional journal prep work and the book layout This is where most people get stuck repeating the above step or give up
Baking day All your photos are together in one place, you’ve culled them and used file names to put them into the order you want them to appear in the book
Get busy Hit that auto fill button and copy in your stories
Cuppa time You hit order and wait for the post man to deliver you book.  If you’ve created your book with Momento you can start sharing an online version straight away.  Happy days!

You can see that the biggest time saving hack to creating a photo book is to have your photos organised!  The process becomes streamlined and the workflow is repeatable.

Why not start your organising project with a free compatibility call to find out how we can give you the strategy and skills to help you more effectively and efficiently manage your photos AND keep you motivated and accountable to get the job done!