Utilise and enjoy your photos: 8 theme ideas for your next photobook

Utilise and enjoy your photos: 8 theme ideas for your next photobook

You would all be familiar with our tag line ORGANISE > UTILISE > ENJOY and you regularly hear us telling you to get those photos OFF your phone or hard drive.  Take advantage of the upcoming end of year sales and consider making a photobook.  Perhaps you could schedule some time over the holidays to work on one with the kids?  My two love helping to pick photos for books.

Often the hardest part of deciding where to begin is deciding which photos you want to include.  Obviously if you are organised FINDING your photos will be a snap.  If you are not organised flick back through our old blogs for all our tips and tricks or give us a call and we will help.  If you are like me I’m too Type A to just toss any old photos in there.  If I’m going to invest my valuable time to design it, it needs to have a THEME.

Here are some ideas to inspire your next photobook:

Some of these themes could warrant a whole book while others could be included as ‘chapters’ of an annual book.  Or you could have a variety of prints framed or canvases made for a themed wall display.

Making a book at this time of year gives you chance to make a special keepsake book focused on a collection of awards and artworks.

We are the Champions:

If your family is the sporty type you will be able to include team events, every day practices, training, awards, game days, winners/losers, team uniforms, mascots, songs and face paint.


Strictly chronological books can be boring, try a slight twist on that idea and group images by seasons


We can easily define our photo collection by colour, some examples I can think of colours of the sea (summer or camping), colours of our everyday (school uniform), colours of our team (red and white St George Dragons), pretty in pink (Breast Cancer Function).  I am sure you can think of some to suit the colours of your family.

Inside out:

We LOVED the movie Inside Out.  We think it is perfect inspiration for a theme.  Profile all the moods of your family – cranky, caring, crazy, happy, sad, sleeping, laughing……you could even use the Disney movies colours and words (Joy, Disgust, Anger, Fear)  or think retro and use the 7 Dwarves.

All dressed up:

Fancy dress, face paint, special occasions

We are Family:

Easy and obvious ideas on tap here – sibling love, mum and …, dad and …., grandparents, aunties and uncles, and cousins


I love snapping my kids with their besties and I am being more intentional about getting pictures of me with MY besties.  Include some images of your friends (you could even dip into the archives and include some ‘then and now’ type collages).  Pet’s could be included here they are after all ‘man’s best friend’

Here are some more links to help with the inspiration:

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