Art Book Keepsakes: Do something more with all your children’s artwork

Art Book Keepsakes: Do something more with all your children’s artwork

Today we welcome Carina from Momento Photobooks to Fairytales to talk about Art Book Keepsakes.  There are some great screen shots of the Momento software at work and some helpful video links too.  Carina is also offering our readers a fantastic discount so read on…

I know many families proudly display their kid’s artwork on the fridge and kitchen walls, but are you slowly running out of wall space? You no longer have to suffer a moral dilemma when you go to bin them at the end of the year, you can preserve them in a premium hardcover photo book instead.  It’s easier than you think!

Creating a photo book with your special scanned images is a fantastic way of documenting your child’s creative development for you, them and proud family members. You can scan almost anything and by combining scanned images with photos you can really add another dimension to your photo book, treasuring your child’s memories forever.

Momento is Australia’s first (and we think finest) photo book company and we understand the importance of preserving memories in print. We’ve designed our software so anyone can use it to layout photos, text and graphics stylishly on to book pages. And here’s how easy it is to create an annual art book for your budding Picasso. 

Scanning the Artwork

To begin your scrapbook, you’ll need to scan artworks to turn them in to digital files and save them to your computer.

Remember that your friendly Filing Fairies, Mara and Jo can help you with your scanning.  With their expertise they will be able to ensure that your scanned artworks are saved to the right dpi and filed in an easily accessible way on your computer to help you create your book effortlessly.  If you have your own scanner be sure to download the Scanning Tips document on The Filing Fairies For You Page


 Designing your photo book with Momento

  • Download and open the Momento software, click the Photo Books button in Start View.

  • Choose your shape and size. If you’re short on time choose the Auto Layout options that will automatically fill your book with your images. If you’re feeling creative choose the Manual Layout option.

  • Access your photos by clicking the ‘Add Folder’ button and choosing the folder where you saved your scans.
  • Select, drag and drop the images onto the pages and use the alignment tools and pre-designed layouts for a good looking design.

If you would like a more in depth explanation, view our step-by-step ‘How To Make A Photo Book’ video here  

Design Tips

Professionals design with a theme in mind to help tell their story. In this book I’ve kept plenty of white space and have arranged drawings and photos together that have similar story lines, such as dinosaurs, art class or holidays.

Add text and captions

If you’re using text in your book, pick a couple of different fonts and don’t forget to include some dates, places and of course the name of your artist! Click on the ‘Add text’ button and then use the cursor to chose the placement of your text, don’t worry you can always move it after. Set the font, size and colour using the ‘Set Font’ button.


Design a book and box cover

Click on the cover thumbnail to design your cover and don’t forget to add the title and even the year. Create a printed cover with your favourite image or choose from a wide range of material covers when you order your book. You can also order a matching box to protect your book for years to come or even your collection of artworks.

Ordering your book

Momento has plenty of cover combinations and variations so have fun playing with size, cover materials, boxes and finishing options. Why not print a big one for your home and a small one for Nanna’s brag book collection! If you would like some help with uploading and ordering please watch our video tutorial, call 1300799764 or email the Momento Customer Service team at

Special Christmas Offer

This Christmas give a gift that nobody else can – a photo book designed with love by you. Momento is offering friends of The Filing Fairies 25% Photo Books and Boxes until 15 February 2015, just use the code PHOTOFAIRY at the checkout. To ensure you receive your photo book in time for Christmas please place your order by December 8.

You can now recycle those stacks of artworks confidently, knowing that not only do you have digital copies safely stored away but also a neat and tidy collection, printed and hand bound in a personalised photo book. A manageable way of showcasing your kids artistic flair!

Have a magical day


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