What makes a great photobook?

What makes a great photobook?

Do you want to create a unique special gift but need inspiration?

Today we are talking about the thing we believe that can transform an ordinary photobook into a great one – and that is the A to Z THEME!

It can take the pain out of choosing between favourite images and it guides you and almost helps select images for you. We also think A to Z theme books are more fun to look at.  For our regular readers you might have taken a peak inside my first photobook and noticed I used an A to Z theme.

Having that theme to follow made it so much easier to decide which images to use.  Not surprisingly having used a fantastic Professional Wedding Photographer I was spoiled for choice with my images. They were all book worthy and I had hundreds to choose from.

A to Z is probably my all time favourite theme as it can be applied in so many ways.  e.g. A – Z of your child’s first year (be sure to grab the free download for a pre made list of ideas).  A – Z of a great holiday. A – Z of the Christmas/New Year Season and so on.  Like I mentioned, following this theme significantly reduces the number of images you need to browse and decide between, and it also gets you thinking outside the square (some of those X,Y,Z can be challenging). But ultimately it results in a more creative book that is thoroughly enjoyable.

Photo book suppliers obviously agree with our theory that having a theme helps simplify, as many of them include themed design templates on their sites.  If you are keen to check some theme templates out read our recent post about Who is the ‘best’ photobook supplier? so you know where to look.

Some time ago we ran a competition to giveaway an A-Z photobook to help children learn to recognise their alphabet and all our winners loved their books.  The kids are more responsive and enjoying their learning experience looking at the familiar faces and objects that match the letters.  We still read ours here at home despite moving on from letter recognition and we even donated one to our local pre school as a teaching resource.

Why not give it a go yourself, using the list of ideas in our free download!

Have a magical day