Protecting your photos while travelling – Part 4

Protecting your photos while travelling – Part 4

This is the last post in a four part series on how to protect your images while travelling. We have discussed how to prepare before you leave, tips on taking photos while travelling and how to back up while travelling, but what happens to your photos once you are home? For many people, they get copied to your computer and they sit there forevermore. When you go back to look at your photos a few months on, you may start to forget where each image was actually taken and possibly the relevance of some images.

This is why we encourage you to doing something with them sooner rather than later, while the details are fresh in your memory.

So once you have unpacked, sit down at your computer and go through the usual photo backup steps outlined on our MOON walk:

  1. Muster: bring all your devices you used to take and store images on while you were away and upload them to your photo hub
  2. Organise: use your chosen folder structure to organise your images – possibly by date or location/city/country
  3. Observe & Purge: Take some time to delete the images you don’t want to keep
  4. Name: using your itinerary, image metadata (for date taken) and/or journal, rename your images with something meaningful using key words that will help you find particular images in the future E.g. 2016 09 03 Italy Positano First swim. This step could take some time, but it will be worth it in the long run.
  5. Backup: once your images are all nicely organised, perform your usual at home backup. Remember we recommend that you have three copies of your images with two copies separated by geography.

Now comes the fun part – get creative! You could make a coffee table photo book or create a slideshow to show family and friends through your television. Or get some of your favourite images enlarged or printed onto canvas for a display wall.

Share with us via Facebook or Instagram how you have used your holiday photos in a creative way.

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