8 benefits of being organised

8 benefits of being organised

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before as there are many advantages to being organised, check out Jo’s Infographic with our top 8 benefits of being organised.

After you have admired Jo’s gorgeous artwork I wanted to share a couple stories how we have personally benefited from being more organised.

Benefits of being Organised


Not only can being organised improve your health it can help you lose weight.  I lost 20kgs by being organised! Thanks to my pregnancies I had a huge challenge but with the help of Weight Watchers pro points program, planning my meals and shopping with a planned list, I reached my goal.   I’ve put a few kilos back on over the school holidays and I know that was due to not being organised enough.  If you know in advance and have planned what healthy meal you are shopping for and cooking, it’s easy to avoid fast and fatty foods.


After the chaos of becoming a parent and returning to work etc I had no real process to follow with my receipts filing.  When I DID get #organised in my tidying mission I stumbled across over $300 worth of medical claims!  Had I been better organised that cash would have been in my wallet much sooner and now that I am organised I don’t miss those cash back opportunities anymore.

Another example of how being organised can get you more money – just last week Jo sent me an excited message to say she had just got $230 in cash from selling her old, broken and unused gold jewellery.

Those are just a few ways we have personally benefited from being organised.  We would love to hear some of your stories, please share them with us below.

Have a magical day

Mara & Jo


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