Organised Solutions for Everyday Family Filing

Organised Solutions for Everyday Family Filing

Following on from last week’s topic, this week and probably for a few after that we will be presenting to you a number of SOLUTIONS that can be implemented to help give you peace of mind and feel better about that dreaded ‘WHAT IF…’ scenario.

Before we move onto the detailed things, let’s start with the everyday stuff. As I said last week I don’t claim to be a psychiatrist or child psychologist but I imagine keeping daily routines simple and familiar in these circumstances would be beneficial, especially to children. Being organised enough that in your absence someone else could maintain routines in a consistent way could make a huge difference. Taking comfort that an overdue electricity bill won’t surprise you or if it did that you could quickly deal with it.

Our favourite solution allows you to organise, utilise and enjoy. 

{ORGANISE} – When there is a place for everything it is easy for everything to be in its place.

Step 1 – Designate a space

Think about where your cluttered papers usually end up?

Do you open mail in the car? Or your kitchen?

We think the best place to open mail is over the recycling bin so you can recycle junk and used envelopes immediately, where ever you choose, the area needs to work for YOU and everyone else that uses it.

Step 2 – Shop for or gather up some gear

Do you remember our Birthday Giveaway? Those products were all purchased from Officeworks, but there are plenty of other suppliers that have great items to help you put an organised system in place.

Through our Discovery Sessions and Family Filing Services and we can help you determine what products will best suit your individual space and your unique needs.

{UTILISE} – Once there is a place for everything it is easy to locate or to put away i.e. USE or UTILISE it

Paper clutter enters your home many ways and comes in many forms;

  • Bills
  • Event Tickets
  • Invitations
  • Junk mail
  • Post it notes and reminders
  • Receipts
  • Renewals
  • School notices & artworks
  • Statements

When dealing with your incoming paper, you have two options:

  1. Put items in a allocated place immediately or
  2. Set it aside and look through it when you have time.

An easy way to remember how to use an organised system is our CAST FileOsophy where you:

Consider > Action > Stow > Throw

You can download a FREE guide on how CAST works here. 

So how does the CAST FileOsophy system work with all my stationery?

It’s in the action and stow phase is when your selected stationery and equipment comes into play. 


An action station or an action folder is a transitory or temporary location for paperwork that needs your attention before you use it, file it or recycle/throw it out. It is designed to contain (in one easy to find place) all those bits of paper that you can’t file yet, but are cluttering up your wallet, desk or kitchen bench.

We like to use clear envelopes in an action folder but you can also use a magazine rack, conventional file rack or standing desk file.

We categorise the envelopes in our action folder and label them using our labeller, you can take a tour of our action folder or download instructions how to use an action folder on our For-You page.

Again everyone’s needs are different and through our Discovery Sessions and Family Filing Services and we can help you determine the categories that will best suit your unique needs.


Where do I file everything? 

When all your actions have taken place, it is time to stow (or file). We believe everything can be filed in 3 simple categories:




Of course if you are not stowing it you will be throwing it.

I will cover the STOW folders in more detail next week.

{ENJOY} – Now that your desk is decked out with useful products and that you have implemented an effective and easy to use system you can sit back and ENJOY!

Enjoy the time you save and the clarity you feel when you are organised! See 8 other benefits of being organised here.

So back to the scenario at hand: Imagine someone else in your family had to take over managing the paperwork, paying bills, etc without your assistance or guidance.

If you are organised your family and friends wouldn’t need to spend hours sifting through cluttered piles of paper trying to figure out your system (or lack thereof) as these simple and easy to utilise solutions make it obvious where to look. E.g.

  • Something needs to be paid? Look in > Action Folder > To Pay
  • Party to go to? Look in > Action Folder > Events
  • Permission slips to sign? Look in > Action Folder > To Do

I know Kristine is not the only one who was confronted in this way after losing a family member. Do you have a similar story? You are welcome to share here in our comments.

Next time I will go into more detail about how we Organise, Use and Enjoy our 3 Folder Stow System – For-Ever, For-Tax, For-Now

Not sure where to start with getting your Family Filing Organised?  Contact us for a Discovery Session, we would love to help create a unique system to simplify life for you and your family.

Have a magical day