Pop quiz:

Pop quiz:

The answer is Glasgow and soon the answer will be Rio de Janeiro.

For our USA followers The 20th Commonwealth Games is currently in it’s final days in Glasgow, Scotland

Organisers you say?  In this instance they are known by many other names – sport, event, project or logistics managers; all the hard working people behind the scenes are ORGANISING the games.  Organising is the key function that all staff within the games organising committee share within their games roles.

For those of you that know The Filing Fairies well and have followed our journey you might recall that both Jo and I are ex event managers.

In the midst of the Commonwealth Games and with our last blog post about slide nights fresh in my mind, I took a stroll of my own down memory lane.  My wanderings took me to a time 14 years ago when I was working for SOCOG aka The Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games – which, during the year 2000 was the biggest working group of organisers in the world.   I thought to myself that is pretty cool isn’t it?  To have been one of such a large and accomplished group of talented organisers!  My games role was, up until starting The Filing Fairies, my career highlight and dream job and I have very fond memories of those exhausting and exhilarating months.

You can read the funny little story about my youthful vigour and interest in working at the Olympic Games that takes us back to 1993 in one of our earliest blog posts here.  This is a photo of me (the chubby blonde on the left) taken on that harbour cruise.

During our time working together as event managers at Sold Out National Event Management Jo and I organised countless events.  Notably in 2008bc (before children) we were part of the team that helped NAB and AFL commemorate 150 years.  The NAB 150 Tour started in Albury and travelled anti-clockwise around the Australian coastline for eight months, finishing in Melbourne. The tour included a custom-made semi-trailer, along with several support vehicles, which travelled around Australia stopping at over 100 regional towns and cities, during which time it presented close to 200 events designed to entertain and educate. The events included AFL sporting activities at schools, free community events on weekends with live music by Australian artists and visits to NAB branch staff around the country.

We believe the benefits of being organised are fundamental to the success of a vast variety of professional roles and of course also super helpful to many aspects of everyday life.

Where will your stroll down memory lane take you?

Have a magical day


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