5 reasons to make your mum a photo book

5 reasons to make your mum a photo book

Are you looking for a more meaningful gift for your mum than flowers and chocolates?

Today we are talking about 5 reasons Mum’s love photo books!

Mothers Day

  1. It’s thoughtful – your mum will be thrilled that you put your time, effort and thoughts into making a special gift for her
  2. They get to show off – what mum doesn’t love to show off the skills of their kids (“look at the wonderful book my daughter/son made me”)
  3. It’s about their favourite person/people – she LOVES you and therefore LOVES seeing images of you (past and present)
  4. It’s modern and groovy – no dusty old flip album, this is something tasteful and perfect to display
  5. It’s tangible – in the age of digital photos, people don’t print or display their photos as often as they should

Does your mum fit this description?

  • She wants to create photo books with consistency and ease
  • She wants to get her photos off phones and hard drives and into the hands and hearts of her family
  • She needs help choosing which photos to include and which ones to leave out
  • She wants reassurance that her story is being told, not lost!
  • She wants to be become the giver of great gifts
  • She is looking for a repeatable process that makes creating photo books faster
  • She wants to understand which photo book supplier is best suited to her projects
  • She has a fear that she is not creative enough
  • She stresses out that design software will be complicated and difficult to use

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Have a magical day