Why I love being a Pirate (I mean photo organiser)

Why I love being a Pirate (I mean photo organiser)

You may remember back in April, I wrote about being called a Pirate searching for buried treasure. Today I wanted to share with you some of the reasons I love being a photo organiser and I thought I might have a go at sticking with the Pirate theme.

1. Pirates have an appreciation and affinity for ORDER

Pirates know that a correctly folded sail will hoist effectively and efficiently and that there is an order of operations when it comes to setting sail… raise the anchor, cast the sails, etc.

When it comes to working with a photo collection, it’s all about the order of operations and an attention to detail! I’ve always been able to clearly see the most effective way from A to B and certainly at work have proven myself to be an efficient person. So lucky me, I get to use one of my strengths every day.


2. Pirates love a good yarn and don’t mind speaking their minds

Pirates will readily give you a piece of their mind with all sorts of language. Similarly with equally expressive but less ‘colourful’ language I love the opportunity to teach people. Be that one on one or in a classroom format.

In the past (including in the lead up to the 2000 Olympics), I’ve worked in roles where I’ve been responsible for training small and large groups. In other roles I’ve also helped write training manuals and trained people in various service roles, as well as how to use certain software programs. Today this translates to the customised organising action plans we provide all our clients and the Digital Discovery sessions we provide one on one with your own equipment.

I love the opportunity to help teach people how to organise their photo collection so that they can utilise and enjoy it. I teach a regular class at our local community college and we speak frequently at our local library and to groups like Rotary and Probus.


3. Pirates know how to navigate.

When it comes to photos, half the battle is knowing WHERE everything is located and HOW to access those places.

Through my knowledge of various operating systems, I love that I am able to help you better understand the layout, views and functions of your computers and appreciate how your photos are coming in and out of your life.

For many people navigating a computer or software isn’t naturally intuitive. You might be surprised to learn that I don’t have any formal technical training on using computers but I believe that being self taught makes it easier to explain things in real people terms as opposed to technical jargon. It also means I am able to reassure you that if a university drop like me out can understand it, you can too!


4. Pirates make great mates

Through the work that we do helping you get your photos back into your life to enjoy and share, we get the opportunity to collaborate with other suppliers and service providers. For example, we have a relationship with Momento Photo Books that enables us to pass on a 20% discount on their photo book products.

We love being able to support Australian businesses like Momento and other like minded service providers like That’s My Life, who share our common goal to preserve your stories!


5. Pirates love treasure

Last but not least pirates love searching for and FINDING buried treasure. There is nothing more satisfying when we unearth a photo that our clients have been searching for, for years!  We then have the pleasure of helping them protect and preserve those precious memories to ensure they are never lost again.

Not everyone gets excited about going to work each day and I count myself one of the lucky ones to so thoroughly enjoy my job.



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