{Video} – Finding a specific image: a time trial

{Video} – Finding a specific image: a time trial

Remember waaaay back in May we promised we would do a post covering off some of our most FAQ about how to prepare for a digital organising project?  Well a bunch of stuff happened i.e. LIFE and I was delayed in writing it, sorry team.

Finally as promised here it is using a specific scenario unique to one of our fantastic clients.

Readers – meet Pete,  Pete is a husband and father who plays in a band and runs 3 businesses.  Anyone in the Sutherland Shire looking for a GREAT personal trainer you should do yourself a favour and check out 100 Candles Training

Pete had images on 2 iPhones, 5 memory cards and 1 PC that he wanted organised into a useable system.  Read on to see a short video interview I did with Pete BEFORE we started organising.


With special thanks to Pete from 100 Candles Training



While the problem of not knowing where a specific image is, is a common one the solution for Pete was customised to his unique needs.  Here are some simple steps how to prepare for a digital photo filing project.

PREPARING (before any organising happens)


Your best foot forward is to contact us FIRST.

In an initial fact finding session (which can be over the phone or in person) we help determine the best strategy for your specific needs, it is then that we identify anything you might need to do before we meet so that we can plan together for the project.

The discovery session allows us to get a general idea of your digital situation and answer some questions like:

Are all your computers currently in use? i.e. could any be taken offsite
Are they MAC or PC, Laptop or stand alone?
Do you have a Dropbox or other cloud storage set up?
Are you already using any software like picasa or iPhoto?
Do you have smart phones with photos on them?
What type of phones are they?
Are they all still in use?
Do you have all your chargers and connecting cords?

And so on and so on, there are many variables and options, which as Professional Photo Organisers it is our job to help you identify a unique solution that will help you organise, utilise and enjoy your precious images.


Secondly, we allocate a meeting date.

This is a key step, as all Professional Organisers have found for any organising project be it the garage, the spare room or the office, is that for 99% of people unless you have a deadline to work toward (e.g. you are aware that I will be knocking on your door in a weeks’ time) you are highly likely to procrastinate and not do anything. Being unorganised is after all one of the primary reasons you contacted us in the first place.

With that meeting date locked in, it also allows us to ensure that we have allocated enough time in our schedule to complete your project.

In coming weeks we will share with you an insight as to what we did to get Pete’s photos organised and another interview with him AFTER his project was complete.

How fast could you find a specific image if faced with a time trial?

If you are interested in booking in for a discovery session or photo filing project please give us a call.

Have a magical day