Moonwalk Step 3 OBSERVE & PURGE

Moonwalk Step 3 OBSERVE & PURGE

You are really starting glide now, check out your smooth criminal moves!  Your digital photos will be organised in no time.

For those that missed step 1 & 2 of how to MOONwalk as part of our digital photo organising technique you can read those posts by clicking here.

Step 3 or the second “O” of our MOON walk is Observe and Purge


  • This is where we encourage you to take time to actually LOOK at your images.  You will very likely notice that you have a series of photos with nearly the same pose or expression (especially when kids are involved).
  • Usually only about 1 or 2 out every 10 images are actually worth keeping.
  • Rather than have to tackle thousands of photos at a later date (a seemingly overwhelming task) we recommend that you take some time each month to purge (yes, delete) the ‘same same’ and ‘so so’ images from your stock pile to avoid being buried by a mountain of memories.

Quick and easy delete options: Here is a link to 12 photos you can delete right now

  • Blurry photos
  • Dark/over exposed photos
  • Exact Duplicates
  • Near duplicates
  • Photos with heads cut off
  • Photos of people (or places) that you have absolutely no idea who they are and are confident no one else will know them either

When we returned from a recent holiday I had taken over 600 images but purged that down to 250. We would love to hear how you go with your observe and purge, as Professional Organisers we love to hear about a good declutter so please share your keep/delete ratio’s with us.  Events, holidays and parties are great for this kind of exercise.

Some people struggle with this step but we promise it will get easier as the months go by, as you see the benefits of nice tidy files with quality versus a huge quantities of images.  A good observe and purge will also simplify the next and final step in our MOON walk.

If you want to keep on gliding to our final step of the MOON walk you can download a free guide below

Have a magical day


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