Annual Mother’s Day Challenge

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Annual Mother’s Day Challenge

As I sat down to pen this blog post, I dug up some old childhood snaps and realized there were barely a handful of pictures of my mum and me together. Most shots had me as a cute baby or a grumpy teen (sorry, mum!). The first decent one was from my wedding way back in 2007. Years and years went by without a photo of us together!

So, here’s my Mother’s Day challenge: let’s all mums vow to jump in more photos throughout the year, with or without the kiddos. Your story is a treasure, and photos are the key to unlock those sweet memories.

Mums usually end up as the family’s photo ninjas, always behind the lens. We tend to dodge the camera due to insecurities about our smile, hair, or looks in general. But by doing so, we erase ourselves from our family’s history book.

My mum, bless her, did feature in a few solo shots, but not enough. Those memories mean the world to me now. Can you be certain your kids will remember your face at 25, 30, 40, and beyond? Do you recall your mum at those ages?

This Mother’s Day, let’s flip the script and focus on building a photo legacy for your little ones, that includes YOUR FACE. Forget about being ‘picture-perfect.’ Your kids won’t care about bedhead or mismatched socks; they’ll just see the mum who made their childhood magical. They’ll want to remember you in those precious moments, anchoring their memories of growing up. And trust me, you’ll cherish those trips down memory lane later on.

So, hand over the camera more often to get in the frame with your kiddos. If you spot a fellow mum capturing a special moment, offer to snap a pic for her, and ask for one in return. And hey, whether you’re a selfie lover or hater, that selfie stick can come in handy sometimes!

Embrace your own crazy hair days or awkward braces phase with your daughter; it’ll bridge the generation gap and show her you’ve been there and rocked it. And don’t forget to document the beautiful bond between you, your mum, and your daughter.

Years down the line, when your kiddos have families of their own, they’ll be grateful for these captured memories.

Have a magical day


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