Understand the difference between BACK UP and SYNC

Understand the difference between BACK UP and SYNC

Is SYNC just another four-letter word to you?  Your photos are syncing to the cloud and you think that means they are safe… you could be wrong.

Let’s clarify this once and for all:


  • This is what happens when you have a device connected to a cloud service e.g. your Samsung Phone and Google Photos or an iPhone and iCloud
  • Data goes BOTH ways i.e. it is a two-way street!
  • If you take a photo on your device (and it is connected to the internet) it goes to the cloud
  • If you delete the photo from your device, it is also removed from the cloud
  • Ergo if you are using SYNC system you can consider that you only have ONE copy of your photo
  • Sync works fine, if used IN CONJUCTION with a backup system. That’s right, a sync is not a backup.


  • This is what happens when you mirror a collection of photos, usually this is a manual and intentional COPY process but things like Time Machine on a MAC or Windows Backup and Restore Utility, also do this automatically (when set up correctly)
  • Data only goes ONE way – from one physical device to another physical device or to a cloud storage platform
  • You take a photo, you create a backup and is STAYS put, regardless of what you do with photo on the original device.

If you are a ‘syncer’ do you feel secure with only one copy of your photos? Or do you need to consider creating a backup system?

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