Photo Advent Calendar

Photo Advent Calendar

With Christmas just around the corner, I have been thinking about our family advent calendar for this year.

Being a photo organiser, I wondered how I could incorporate photos into our calendar this year. Cue Google – photograph advent calendar – and let the creative ideas appear!

Step 1 – Choose photos
The first step was to choose the photos. I wanted to choose the best 24 family images from this year, so that the kids could reflect/remember all that they have done over the year. The quickest way for me to find a summary of images of the year, was to look at my Instagram account. If you haven’t saved a copy of your Instagram images to your Camera Roll, you can easily download your Instagram photos by logging in to your account via a web browser, going to Settings > Privacy and Security > Data Download and click Request Download.
To get higher resolution images, I used my Instagram images as a date reference, then went to my Digital Photo Hub and found the original image. I created a new folder called ‘2019 Advent Calendar’ and COPIED my chosen 24 images into this folder.

Step 2 – Print photos
There are plenty of places where you can get your photos printed, even apps that connect directly to your Instagram or Facebook account to print your images. Prices vary widely, from $0.15 per print up to a set price for 24 prints.
Having the images already chosen and in one folder, made this step quick and easy to upload and order the prints.

Step 3 – Choose display method
Some ideas I found from my Google search included frames, pegs/string, using envelopes, decorating the back of the images with numbers… so many ideas! I already had a square memo board, so decided to re-purpose this one. I designed and printed off numbers 1-24 to glue on the back of the images.

Items used:
Display Board
24 printed photos
Numbers & glue – you could easily hand write the number on the back in bright colours or even glitter glue
Small pegs

Such a simple and easy, yet personalised (and non-confectionery!) advent calendar. My girls are going to love finding the numbers each day and turning it over to reveal a special day/event from the year that we can reflect on. AND we can keep these images on display throughout the next year.

Have a magical day


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