Where are your photos?

Where are your photos?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that almost all of you will have a photo stuck on your fridge! If there isn’t one there now, then I’ll bet there has been at some stage in the past.

Now this MESS might come as a shock to you but here is the anatomy of my fridge.

There are 15 photos there and I can easily rattle off who, why, where and when of those events. For the record there are;

  • 5 x photo booth strips
  • 4 x wedding photos
  • 2 x Santa photos
  • 1 x birth announcement
  • 1 x charity event
  • 4 x birthday photos
  • 1 x photo printed on a magnet

Now take a proper look at your own fridge photos. Then stop and consider a few things;

Why did you put them there?

  • Perhaps it is a photo invitation, thank you or greeting card and it was originally there as a diary reminder. It came with its own magnet!
  • After my daughter was born I put the chubbiest faced photo I could find of myself side by side on the fridge with a fine and fit one, to help inspire me to lose the baby weight.

How long have they been there?

  • My sister in law recently moved house and up until that point her fridge still had a birth announcement for a now 12year old child on it along with a number of other cute babies. Does she miss seeing those little faces every day on her fridge? You bet! As soon as she finds those photos in her unpacking I reckon they will get popped back up.
  • If they are dated invitations etc I can read the dates but I also know those events so well I can pretty easily tell you close to exactly when they were taken.

How important are those memory to you?

  • Fridge memories are usually special events or fun events and the associated memories are happy ones. Who doesn’t want to be happier?

How likely are you to always remember those event?

  • Now I am no brain surgeon but I hazard seeing those images day to day will help cement those special events in my mind for all my remaining years.

OK, I will be first to admit that my fridge is a crazy mess and isn’t the neatest of looking things and now that I have taken this photo for the purposes of writing the blog and noticed how out of control it is I will spend 5 minutes tidying it up. BUT, I guarantee that I will be leaving the photos there!

Of course they don’t need to look like mine do. They can be nice and neat like these ones from Fridgi!

We also fully endorse their 5 reasons to frame a photo.

The long and the short of it is that I want to know that you have photos IN YOUR LIFE. Perhaps you have a peg line and regularly change photos on display there? Maybe a fancy Nixplay frame?

Share with us, WHERE are you enjoying your photos?

If you are not sure where your photos are scattered around your house, you can download a handy check list of where to look for them using the button below.

Have a magical day


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