Choosing the ‘best’ photo book supplier

Choosing the ‘best’ photo book supplier

We have been in business for nearly 6 years now and I personally have been designing photo books for 15 years.  We deliver courses on planning photo books regularly at our local college and conduct one on one training in the use of photo book software in the comfort of our client’s homes.

The number one question we get asked on this topic is “which photo book supplier is best”.

Our standard answer is that each person is unique and they all “value” different elements.

We have summarised the selection criteria in this pretty little image.

Then without further ado here is an updated assessment of our 4 most frequently used photo book suppliers – Momento, PhotobookShop, Chatbooks and Snapfish.


About Australian based and owned company Momento are hands down our FAVOURITE suppliers.

Templates/Themes Momento has stunning templates and themes available with a much more artistic feel about them.  From a design point of view this is a real winner!

Pricing I have great taste but for some it is too expensive.  They are not a budget product and I assure you that the quality that you get is by far the best and worth what you pay.  I most certainly recommend it for your most special books.  Plus the variety of paper, cover etc etc options, the superior quality and outstanding customer service put them leaps and bounds ahead of the rest!  Whilst more expensive they still run periodic discount promotions keep an eye out for year round specials like Mother’s Day, Christmas etc.  Subscribe below to be the first to know when our new online photo book course goes live, where you will see Momento in action.

Simplicity The tool itself could seem complicated for a beginner but I assure you you should pick it up in no time. It has fantastic design options and the greatest flexibility of design allowing for a truly unique book design that won’t look like every other photo book out there.

Quality No faults with quality, picture perfect in our book!


About Our second tier pick that has an ok balance of good design flexibility like Momento but with more competitive prices!

Templates/Themes Decent templates and themes available, not great with frames and embellishments but flexible with other design options.

Pricing Very cost effective, especially their jumbo books which are great for a year in review type book.  Always running really great discount promotions.

Simplicity Again the tool can seem slightly complicated for a beginner but it has good online support and help features.

Quality We have experienced no faults with quality other than one misplaced delivery by the local postal service, which they kindly reprinted and redelivered no questions asked!


About This is an American supplier and they are my favourite for their autofeed from social media options.

Templates/Themes The beautiful simplicity of Chatbooks is that they take away almost ALL of the difficult design choices.  They have just 2 sizes and a one photo per page template.  Taking away all the difficult choices is a game changer.

Pricing Yes you pay in US Dollars but the price point is VERY affordable per book.

Simplicity Once you set yourself up this is completely self servicing (IF you check your emails).  You’ll get the best results if you check your emails and follow the simple instructions.

Quality Another stand out in terms of quality.


About This is one that you see often via groupon or other coupon deal sites.

Templates/Themes Mostly fixed templates with limited choices, and again not many book sizes or variations to choose from.

Pricing Another cheap option.

Simplicity The tool itself is limited in choices but straightforward to use.

Quality Average to poor quality. We have done our research and have printed multiple comparisons and tested all the features of the various software.

So there you have it. Our updated and still humble opinion on a handful of photo book suppliers. Remember if the whole thing is in your too hard basket we offer VIP design services and we pass on our industry discounts on printing to you.  Be sure to get in touch for a custom quote.  Check out our small group program Photo Book Bootcamp