Three unexpected benefits of organising photos

Three unexpected benefits of organising photos

There are many obvious advantages of finding and organising old photos that we have spoken about in the past, like reclaiming shelf space.

Today we are sharing 3 benefits of unearthing old photos that can make a bigger impact on your life than just finding you an extra shelf.

  1. Freedom

    Often you won’t have even realised that there has been fear and guilt weighing you down. Guilt that you had left precious photos languish in dusty shoe boxes.  Fear that your story and legacy could be lost if you didn’t take the time to preserve the photos.  The great sense of relief after finally tackling a photo organising project is often underestimated.

  2. Clarity

    Often, we stash away old memories, simply because we can’t deal with the emotions they bring up. Perhaps after a death or divorce. By finding and dealing with photos (and even documents) that were part of a difficult process, you can discover mental clarity and closure. For example, reviewing a lifetime of memories can bring perspective to a marriage that may have ended painfully. Seeing the good times and the children that resulted can be a reminder of a happier part of your life together.

  3. Connection

    Reflecting on your childhood and seeing your mum and dad as young parents can give you a greater appreciation of their sacrifices and inspire you to connect with them at a deeper level. Uncovering old photos of family or friends you’ve lost touch with will quickly bridge the gap of time.

Have you ever been on a photo finding treasure hunt looking for something in particular and experienced some of these emotions?

Do you think it would be a worthwhile exercise to get your photos organised once and for all, if these were some of the benefits?

Have a magical day,


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