Holy cow it’s HSC time!

Holy cow it’s HSC time!

A shout out to our Year 12 parents who are riding the roller coaster with their HSC kids. I’ll bet you’re thinking it seemed like only yesterday it was their first day at high school or primary school or even pre school.

Now you find yourself snapping away at many of their school ‘lasts’ and possibly scrambling to reflect on all the ‘firsts’ photos you KNOW you took but can’t put your finger on now when you want them. It’s not too late to get organised and make them something special.

A photo book of school firsts and lasts or a slide show of thens and nows can be a great keepsake for your HSC student (and cathartic for you). Here are a list of some photos to keep an eye out for.


  • Awards
  • Artworks
  • Book week
  • Best mates
  • Discos
  • Dress up days
  • Favourite teachers
  • First Day of School
  • Portraits
  • Projects
  • School holidays
  • Selfies
  • Sports
  • Teams

Group photos from each category with some from the past and from now and you have a wonderful way to tell the story of your child’s school years.

Use our preferred photo book supplier Momento or make a slideshow using one of the many programs and apps available to create your own, such as:

  • iMovie (Mac)
  • Animoto (Web)
  • ProShow (PC or Mac)
  • Lightroom (Mac/PC)
  • Windows Movie Maker (PC)
  • Adobe Spark (App)

If you need help scanning some of the pre digital images, getting organised or learning photo book software we are here to help and only a phone call away.

Have a magical day

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