What do roses have to do with your photos?

What do roses have to do with your photos?

2017-04-24 What do roses have to do with photos

I’m sure that you’ve all heard the saying ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

When it comes to photo organising and the way you name your photos, this sentiment can be misleading.

Take this photo for example, you could name the image a number of different ways;


  1. me, my second cousin once removed, my mum, my daughter and my aunt
  2. Mara, Elodie, Nancy, Gabi and Joan
  3. mum, cousin Elodie, Nanna, me and AJ
  4. me, cousin Michael’s baby Elodie, mum, Gabi and Aunty Joan

Technically we are all the same ROSE and no matter what you ‘name’ the image we will all still smell as sweet aka be correct.  But, because of our different perspectives we can all be known by different names by different people and this can effect the longevity of your photo collection.  Part of the reason I organise my photo collection is to ensure it becomes a long living legacy for my children and even my children’s children’s children so the way I name my photos is of importance.  As generations progress there will be numerous ‘mum’, ‘nanna’ and ‘me’ but they will all actually be different people.  This is why it is important to use proper names in your file names.

Of course it can feel or sound very clinical to you to call your mum or Nan by their proper name which is just one more reason we encourage you to add stories to your photos through narrative captions either in the comments of your files or along side your images in a photo book (read more about narrative captions here).

Which one of the above do you think I would use in my collection?

Have a magical day

Mara, Me, Mum, Aunty Mara, Cousin Mara and hopefully one day Nanna 🙂