What should I get for my birthday?

What should I get for my birthday?

Tomorrow is my birthday, so today, in a totally self indulgent blog post, I would like to ask for your input.

I am a big fan of the #printyourphotos movement and as you will be well aware my most favourite way to print to preserve is in photo books to ensure I capture the story that goes with the images.  But for a while now I have been considering buying a Fuji Instax Mini and I have the following questions for you…

Who has an Instax camera?

Where do you store your prints?

Do you ever consider scanning them to share digitally and create backups?

If you have one what do you love about it?

If you want one, what is your main motivation?

Who uses Becky Higgins #projectlife? This idea below certainly appeals to my creative side.

I’d love to hear all YOUR ideas about the “Polaroid Revival”.

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