Do you have a family doppelganger?

Do you have a family doppelganger?


Do you have a family doppelganger?? One particular person in the family that everyone insists you look like??  Often these discussions come up shortly after a new baby is welcomed to the family and I’ve been assured that a new born will always look like their father (to ensure they stick around)????  But perhaps family resemblances didn’t occur until later in life or you look like a more distant relative?? Having an organised photo collection can easily enable you to compare features amongst family members.   Family familiarity within your photo collections can also be a fabulous way to tell your life’s story.

In my family we I can identify several likenesses. This is my cousin Tabatha.  Our similarities were noted between the ages of 8-12.  This likeness is of me (top) age 8 and Tabatha (bottom) aged 11.  The very first time my husband met Tabatha’s daughter Steph he gushed over her likeness to me and even to our daughter.


I went to the same high school as my cousin, 2 yrs his junior.  As I met each new teacher at the beginning of the year they all said to me “you must be Stephen’s younger sister”.  Here are our Y12 year book photos circa 1989 and 1991.  What do you think?


And how about the EARS on these boys…my five uncles in 1951.  There is no doubt that they are related and you can see the similarities in the girls too.  Even as they have aged those ears are still there proud as ever in 2016.


There is no guessing who this little sailor takes after.  This is my husband Paul in costume for Anything Goes circa 2005 and our son Jacob aged 4.


Paul has a twin sister Julie and many people insist that our daughter Gabi looks a lot like her.


I love looking at old family photos and with such a large family with strong resemblances I notice new similarities every time I browse through the collections.  This festive season as you gather in family groups, why not pull out the old albums and look for similarities across the ages and generations.

That sense of belonging is invaluable to me and of course the more organised my photos are the easier it is to compare everyone, with hours of fun to be had.

Who is your family doppelganger?

We would love to see your pictures!

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