3 Reasons You Should Scan Your Photos

3 Reasons You Should Scan Your Photos

If you read our last blog post we posed the photo organising equivalent of chicken or the egg to you and then suggested that your first priority was to organise your digital photos.

If you have done that and are now looking at organising your printed collection and have been reading our other blog posts you might be asking the question ‘Why do you recommend scanning prints, slides and negatives?’

Here are our top 3 reasons we think you should scan your outdated media.

IT CREATES A BACK UP:  in most cases (unless you were very particular about storing and labelling your negatives), the print you hold in your hand, that is stored in a box or filed in an album is the only copy you have.  By scanning (and creating a digital image file) the photo can then be added to your photo hub with the rest of your digital photo collection and will be backed up (digitally) during your normal back up processes.

IT GIVES NEW LIFE:  even under ideal storage conditions your photos are deteriorating or may have already suffered damage or decay.  By making a digital copy you open the door to modern technology and the entire associated image enhancement software available.  If they can make the celebrities 10kg lighter and 5cm taller, then we can fix the crease down Grandpa’s face from an old folded print.

IT ENABLES YOU TO SHARE:  many of you will have heard the story of my grandmother’s photo collection being divided amongst her 11 children.  Digital copies of images overcomes the ‘who gets what’ dilemma as they can be shared via social media, and online photo archives or put into slideshows and photos books.


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