Plan B and Photo Book Hack

Plan B and Photo Book Hack


A client recently said to me after loosing a number of digital images through computer crash that it was all OK, she had the important images in her Facebook history.  She made a good point… well sort of.

Today we are talking about the pros and cons of relying on social media as a Plan B – photo hub back up.


  • Your photos will be on your timeline in chronological order, dated according to WHEN they were loaded
  • Scrolling back through your timeline you can easily be reminded of the significance of your photos by reading your own comments and any comments added by friends and family
  • If you loaded albums of special events to Facebook instead of just posting to timeline you will have an already organised archive to work from
  • It is free and seemingly will be around for a long time
  • It can even be turned into a comprehensive Photo Book via My Social Book



  • Depending on how far back you are looking it can be very time consuming to scroll back. There is no “go to <<specific date>>” or timeline search built in to Facebook but we did find this (please note we haven’t tested it so try at your own risk)
  • If you want to retrieve images from Facebook to download and have a copy on your computer, for example, again it is time consuming to do them one by one (you can search YouTube for ‘download all my Facebook photos’ and find work around options)
  • Images downloaded from social media are significantly inferior quality (low res and DPI).  These images in turn do not make good prints and are only able to be used at very small scale in photo books
  • If you do choose to use My Social Book you can be in for hours and hours of editing to ensure that your book is not full of recipes, cute cats and silly memes. Read this great article from Becky Higgins if you would like a strategic approach to using Facebook in the future as a photo book/ journal tool.
  • When you die, who can access your Facebook account? Consider what kind of photo legacy this really is? eClosure Online assists families in searching for and closing down social media and email accounts of their deceased loved ones.

As you can see there are pros and cons to relying on social media as a back up.  For our recommendations on back up plans read here

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