Protecting your photos while travelling – Part 2

Protecting your photos while travelling – Part 2

2016 09 How to protect your photos when travelling - for blog w2

Last week we discussed what you need to do to protect your photos while travelling before you leave for your holiday. This week we are giving you some tips to help protect and keep your photos organised while you are travelling.

When you arrive, before you take your first shot, ensure that your camera date and time settings are correct. If you have removed the battery recently, or if you have travelled to a different time zone, the date and time settings might be a little out. The reason we say to do this is so that when you return from holidays, you can use the metadata from each image and match it with your itinerary to work out where each photo was taken and when. If you take a lot of photos on a long holiday, you would be surprised how quickly you forget exactly what city or town each photo was taken in and when.

Another simple idea for recording where and when photos are taken is to take a photograph of your itinerary for each day at the beginning of the day. Alternatively, you can write down on a piece of paper where you are or where you are going that day and photograph the paper at the beginning of each day. Then you will know where all photos then taken after you capture the image of the piece of paper were taken.

If you keep a journal while travelling, you could write down your itinerary in your journal, to match photos with locations. Use your journal to record details you may want to include in a photo book when you return: people, hotels you stayed at, restaurants or places you ate at, etc.

One more tip: To maximise the lifespan of your memory card and prevent memory card read failure, resist the urge to delete single images direct from your camera.

Next week we will talk about the actual logistical steps of backing up your photos while you are travelling.

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