Why we love our SYPD Exhibitors

Why we love our SYPD Exhibitors

On Save Your Photos Day we wanted to showcase some local businesses that offer services that compliment ours.  We received great feedback about them and wanted to share them here with you today.

Belinda – Bel-lissima Cakes

Exclusively handcrafted and designed by Belinda Bonamy who has been baking much loved masterpieces for over 15 years.

Using the finest ingredients and an eye for detail, Bel-lissima Cakes loves to push the boundaries with creative designs and mouth watering flavours.

We wanted to showcase how your precious old (or new) photos could be transformed into creative (and delicious) edible images used on amazing bespoke cakes.  Pictured here are the cupcakes with our sponsors and other exhibitor logos and a photo reel cake made for Mara’s mum’s birthday.

Sharen – Secret Scent Aromatherapy

Have you ever walked into a home and had that feeling something is not right? Or have you ever had a string of problems with career, health, relationships or money?

Secret Scent’s Feng Shui expert consultant, Sharen Turner will provide a reading of the ‘energetic blueprint’ of your home or office and create solutions to bring harmony and balance to your surroundings.

We wanted to offer our event attendee’s the chance to speak with Sharen about the best location in their home for a photo display wall and the do’s and don’ts of imagery Feng Shui.

Nicole – SOHOrganised

When you can’t find anything or find anywhere to put anything, SOHOrganised is there for you. Our simple and systematic lifestyle organising services de-clutter your small office/home office in a way that gives you your life back.

Tasks that you have to do become tasks you want to do because you are now so organised!

With our specialty being Photo Organising we wanted everyone to have the chance to meet Nicole who can help with organising other areas of the home.

Graeme & Janine – Graeme’s Homeworks

A local business providing care for your home at an affordable price.

Services include a wide range of quality handyman work from hanging that special picture to painting your home.

Many of the clients we meet have boxes of unused frames just itching to get up on the wall.  We wanted everyone to meet our favourite local handyman that can help with getting them on display.

Again we thank them for their involvement and support of Save Your Photos Day and invite you to visit their websites via the links above.

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