{Frame by Frame} How to file your manuals and warranties

{Frame by Frame} How to file your manuals and warranties

For some of you, gift Christmas exchanges may have already started.  If you were one of the lucky ones you may have received something that needed to be assembled with instructions you might need to keep (love an Allen key challenge). Or maybe your gift had a warranty or manual?  You will have not only the wrapping and boxes to deal with (read more about that in our post Mt Giftwrap), you will also have some paperwork to file.

Don’t let your instruction manuals or warranties get lost in the wrappings this Christmas. You will get something new (Santa told me you have been good) so use this simple guide to ensure you have paperwork to reference when you need it!

Some of our social media followers might remember that a few months ago my coffee machine died. Gasp, shock, horror! #firstworldproblems. So I thought I would snap up some photos and show you how I dealt with the paperwork that came with it.

It came with a manual and warranty

I bought it so I had the receipt.  At Christmas time if I can (sensible etiquette applies) I ask my delightful gift giver for a receipt so that I can complete the warranty card with the details.

I have these great zip lock files that are readily accessible, and being top load I don’t even need to take them out of the file cabinet.  Sorry they are shiny and a bit hard to photograph

HOT TIP:  for many items you might not need to keep the manual – check if you can google it and save a digital version.

Here are all mine stored together in my file cabinet. My categories are:  Entertainment, Kitchen, Office & Bathroom (weird but that just happened), Laundry, Kids & Misc. but you can make yours what ever suits your needs.

There you have it, super simple yet effective way to keep on top of manuals and warranties for easy reference.

We would love to see your haul of great pressies… feel free to share here.  How do you store your manuals and warranties?

Have a magical day


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