My 5 favourite fairies on International Day of The Fairy

My 5 favourite fairies on International Day of The Fairy

Fairy Day is a day for fairies, magic, and wishes to come true. For one day, put aside the cynicism of the modern world and embrace the possibilities of the unknown, and believe in fairies…

Some of our favourite fairies…

The Sugar Plum Fairy

Famous from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. The Sugar Plum Fairy and her beautiful attendants welcome Clara at her court in the Kingdom of Sweets. This was the first ballet I saw on stage at The Opera House. As an impressionable young dancer I fell instantly in love with this beautiful fairy!


Born in J.M Barrie’s story of Peter Pan and made popular through Walt Disney’s animated movies. Tinkerbell is the jealous pixie/fairy who glows brightest for Peter Pan. Tinkerbell and her posse of Fairies are very popular in our home; we are all eagerly anticipating the new Pirate Fairy film due out soon.


One of the most popular characters in English folklore of the last thousand years also known as Robin Goodfellow or as a Hobgoblin. This trickster was immortalized in William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I studied this play at school and also enjoyed a wonderful production in Centennial Park.

The Fairy Godmother

There are over 1500 of versions of this Grand Dame of the fairy world, captured in stories from around the world, most commonly recognised from Cinderella!  My personal favourite is The Fairy Godmother brought to life by Jennifer Saunders in Shrek.

Aneeta Whey

The Filing Fairies mascot, Aneeta believes there is a smarter, neater way to do things! In our logo you can see her working her magic on some photos, negatives and files. Aneeta was drawn by a fabulous ex Disney illustrator Robert Mason from Art 4 Kidz.  So many people are searching for and wishing for a magical fix and Aneeta perfectly depicts the magic we enjoy bringing to our clients lives each day.

Who is YOUR favourite fairy and why? Please share with us in the comments below

Today on International day of the fairy we wish you a magical day!


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