MORE Organised Solutions for Everyday Family Filing

MORE Organised Solutions for Everyday Family Filing

Welcome back I hope you are enjoying our organised solutions for everyday family filing.

As I touched on briefly last week, we believe everything can be filed in 3 simple categories and I promised to go into more detail about how you can Organise, Utilise and Enjoy with 3 folders: 


The 3 categories we believe you can file in are pictured here (you can click to view a larger version);

You can use binders, storage boxes, cabinets or any other product, the key point to remember once again is that if everything has a place (chosen by you because it is suited to your organising style and needs) then it should be simple to keep everything in its place.

You can download this infographic for free to use as a guideline to setting your own folders up. Or if you are not sure what to choose or what will suit your needs then you can contact us about our Family Filing Services and we can do it for you.

UTILISE: You say ‘tom-are-toe’ I say ‘toe-may-toe’, you say vehicle, I say car! 

There is no point being organised if it is not easy to utilise or use.

Back to that scenario (imagine you died):  someone else in your family would have to take over managing the paperwork, paying bills, etc without your assistance or guidance. Your family and friends will be relieved of some burdens by everything being well organised in just 3 folders, but what about inside the folders? Your family and friends could still be confused and go looking for documents in the wrong place. This is when the magic of our Family Filing Services comes to shine.

Together with you when we create your unique FileOsophy we customise an alphabetical master index of all sub category variations. ‘What you talking about Willis?’ Let me try to explain

For example YOU might automatically think of TOYOTA when you think of car related paperwork, so we would label the sub category in your folders to reflect your natural instinct with Toyota.

BUT if you aren’t there to assist, your family might be more likely to think ‘car’ or ‘vehicle’ and be lost looking for related paperwork. By using the customised master index they would simply scan down the index alphabetically to car or vehicle and see TOYOTA then off they go to the right place – immediately, no time wasted, no fuss – done.

Another common example of this is PETS, especially people with multiple furry family members.  YOU might think to file under ‘Fido’ (your dog’s name), ‘cat’ or ‘dog’ but family or friends could think differently and therefore again waste time looking in the wrong place.

Bemused or befuddled by people’s thought processes, you might also be surprised by the different ways people think of important documents too. For example a Birth Certificate – would you file it ‘certificates’, ‘identification’ or even for a large family in a category of its own ‘birth certificates’. Get it the idea? You say ‘tom-are-toe’ I say ‘toe-may-toe’! Everyone thinks differently and that is why we believe the master index to be so importantly time and frustration saving.

We have often been asked if we sell templates for the folders and there are many suppliers like Kikki K and even Kmart that have products that you can use to get organised and we highly recommend them as being better than nothing at all.


As I have just outlined everyone is so unique in their way of thinking we decided to treat you that way, as unique and individual. Our customised master index is what sets our services apart from ‘off the shelf’ products.

Did I leave something out? Still confused? Don’t be shy please let me know what I have missed in the comments below. I’m happy to answer questions here or send me an email direct

Have a magical day