1 year in 1 minute – The Filing Fairies First Year

1 year in 1 minute – The Filing Fairies First Year

In just five days The Filing Fairies turn 1, ‘ONE’ wow what a milestone for us or for any new business.

Obviously given the area of organising that we specialise in, I thought the best way to reflect on our year would be for a photo montage (a la recent Facebook movies) ….and here it is 1yr in 1minute.


Our first year has been quite a journey and as I reflect I get a strong sense of that strange phenomena of ‘weird time’ – you know where it feels like just the other day as well as simultaneously like a really long time ago.

For me it feels like only a few months ago that I mentioned the idea to Jo over a coffee, but yet sooooo much has happened since then it also feels like much longer than a year ago.  I wonder if there is actually a word for what I am blabbing on about. Please share it if you know the word or if you want to make up your own word please let me know, if I like it I will certainly use it!

So did you like it? Short n sweet right?  Anyone like to guess how long it took me to select the images I wanted to use in this?  I wanted to be able to tell you exactly so I actually set a timer because it really highlights the time saving benefits of have organised photos.

Comment here with your guess and I will tell you how long it took next week, the person closest to pin will win a wee prize.  Don’t forget to enter our birthday giveaway, details on how to enter here.

Have a magical day


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