Step 2 of Digital Photo Filing M.O.O.N walk

Step 2 of Digital Photo Filing M.O.O.N walk

Welcome back, are you ready to get your dancing shoes on and learn more about our Digital Photo Filing technique we nicknamed The Moonwalk to get your digital photos organised?

If you missed the introduction and the first step of how to MOON walk you can read that post here.

Once you have completed the first step – MUSTER – you can dust yourself off and settle in for a session of ORGANISING.

Plug in each of those devices that you mustered and get saving using the following guidelines. Try not to be overwhelmed this might be a BIG effort the first time you do it but if you get the system in place and then follow the M.O.O.N walk steps each month this whole process is a breeze.

MOON walk – step 2


We believe the best photo organising practice is to file (save) your photos by:

  • year
  • month and
  • special event or destination (if necessary)

Remember if you are keeping to a monthly MOON walk this is a quick and easy action completed in 1-2 steps.

For example I muster on the 5th of each month. If I am up to date, on the 5th of February I would be saving all images from the past month (January) into “2014.01.January” folder (give or take a handful I may have taken in those first 5 days, which are easy to identify).

If there was a special event e.g. wedding or birthday I create a sub folder within the month for that event. Otherwise everything is filed in that one destination, one (or two) steps and that is it step 2 “organise” DONE.

Wondering why we like to file this way? It’s all about our instinct to look for images chronologically combined with the computers method of listing alphabetically. Now this is where you might think “but the computer can sort by date already, why go to all the trouble” – but our research and experiences have shown us that metadata (this is the information ‘behind’ your images) can easily be corrupted and can lead to confusion in the future. This topic could go on for weeks so I hope that trust and believe us when we tell you this is the best way we have found through our research (lots and lots of reading) and experience (trials and testing on our own files).

Now everything is in one place and ready for you to glide your way to the next step which is the second O in our MOON walk – OBSERVE & PURGE. Join us next week to find out more.

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If you are keen to keep MOON walking now you can download more below

Have a magical day


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